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PHOENIX, Aug. 31, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mobivity Holdings Corp. (OTCQB:MFON), creator of the award-winning platform for intelligent and personalized marketing in the real world, has extended the breadth and strength of its patent portfolio in protection of their revolutionary and proprietary method for placing dynamic image content on receipts at the time of creation. Mobivity’s POS-agnostic technology makes it possible to reach specific consumers with targeted offers based on their current purchase, the data accumulated from past-purchases, or any other data source, in order to create truly personalized, engaging, and effective marketing messages on a printed or digital receipt.

Mobivity’s patented SmartReceipt technology allows it to place dynamically generated coupon and offer graphics, while updating components of those graphics in real time. Mobivity clients leverage this technology to insert intelligent and personalized marketing messages, alongside many other types of content, onto receipts. For example, a customer may see an attractive graphic advertising a new menu item, which Mobivity can enhance with a specific expiration date, discount percentage, or other content based on what the customer just purchased and the behaviors the business wants to promote.

Mobivity leverages this and other patents in its SmartSuite platform, which allows Mobivity to capture, analyze, and activate detailed point-of-sale data in order to improve business results for restaurants, retailers, and personal care brands. This growing trend, as highlighted in a recent New York Times article, enables restaurants to leverage their data to predict menu trends, adjust prices, eliminate waste, and improve customer service. Mobivity has been a pioneer in this space, thanks to its system-agnostic approach to data; Mobivity’s SmartReceipt integrates seamlessly, without any additional hardware, with the majority of POS systems and empowers brands to activate their data immediately. But rather than simply capture data, Mobivity embellishes the receipt document with dynamic content, offers, nutritional information and much more.

This patent is just one of many secured by Mobivity in its decade-long pursuit of cutting-edge technology solutions to improve the marketing experience for businesses and consumers. Mobivity has also created technology to activate receipt data through text and social messaging, and has several patents on technology to identify users and verify enrollment for text communications. Coupled with SmartReceipt inside of Mobivity’s SmartSuite platform, SmartMessenger enables brands to activate the data captured at point of sale to reach customers at any time, any place, through their ever-present mobile phone.

“We’re really proud of our engineering team; they’ve worked to craft truly innovative solutions for our customers. It’s always great to see those innovations applauded and protected in patents,” said Alek Zdziarski, Chief Technology Officer at Mobivity. “Frankly, this is just the beginning. We have some tremendous work underway in the fields of data analysis and artificial intelligence that we can’t wait to share”.

“We are relentless in our pursuit of helping our customers grow. Many of our innovations have been the result of a client need that our teams simply wouldn’t set aside without finding a unique solution. Necessity is the mother of invention; so we’re blessed to work with great customers that push us to create new and proprietary technology that is validated by the U.S Patent and Trademark Office,” added Dennis Becker, Mobivity CEO and inventor of several patents.

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Mobivity provides a platform for intelligent and personalized marketing in the real world. Real world customer activity in national restaurants, retailers, and personal care brands is difficult to track and connect to digital footprints. Mobivity leverages detailed purchase data, powerful analytics, and communications platforms to improve business results by understanding, predicting, and influencing consumer behavior. In short, we drive better actions and inform decisions by connecting point of sale outcomes to the events and influences that caused them. Mobivity clients include SUBWAY®, SONIC® Drive-In, Chick-fil-A, and Baskin-Robbins. For more information about Mobivity, visit or call (877) 282-7660.

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